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Custom Designed for Learning Needs


At Gakushu we understand the varying needs of our different clients and therefore we offer a solution that is tailor made for you. You can either pick different levers from different areas of learning(Communication, Sales, Leadership) or do an end to end training in a specific area.  You can pick all the areas or just one. It’s all centered around your needs. All of that with your company specific training methodology and content! 

Training Methodoligy

A good blend of these adult learning techniques helps optimize the learning process making it conducive for all participants to get the maximum benefit out of each session.

  • Suggestopedia: Interactive approach for expressing, sharing and disseminating ideas and practicing skills in the training session. Group discussions, debates, opinion polls are conducted and the trainer provides individual and group feedback. Flow of thought is not interrupted and participants are in a position to express them-selves effectively.
  • Handouts and Note: Taking This approach ensures that participants have referral material for future use and assists in the retention of concepts.
  • Socratic method: Imparts skills and concepts and adds value to the participants’ own inputs and experiences. We utilize the Socratic method of lecturing. This method extracts insight from the participants themselves, instead of just lecturing in monologue. Attention spans are taken into account – so no lecture is too long or too monotonous.
  • Games, simulations and assessments: Games assessments are useful and stimulating as introductory tools to other activities. Focus is placed on the topics at hand. They involve the entire class and allow participants to think on their feet, which is an important part of their job. These also facilitate problem solving in the form of enjoyable activities used to underline and recap certain points. Stringent assessment tools are used to measure effectiveness and ROI
  • Rationale: Each of the training models being used will cater to the specific needs of the participants. For example, while the Audio Lingual Method will train them on being accurate on the verbal aspects in a more personalized manner. Role-plays help them react to different situations through simulation of scenarios they would come across in their day-to-day working. Suggestopedia will give them the freedom to use different skills and verbalize their views at will.

Our key focus area

  • Creating Training & Development ecosystems and teams, including all levels of trainer certifications ranging from facilitation and delivery skills, assessment tools, assessment centres, instructional and content design, leadership delivery methodology, E-learning, coaching sessions & circles to outbound learning formats & styles
  • Excellence in Sales training and all its enablers. Customized sales learning solutions across multiple industries and all forms of sales (B2B, B2C, Telemarketing etc.) and across all levels of the commercial organization.
  • End-to-end training, Executive Coaching and learning solutions catering to all aspects and levels within the organization with a high focus on customization, and a view on business outcome
  • To build functional, leadership and business capabilities and learning pathways
  • Creating customized and unique competencies basis the role, responsibility and business needs. Having scripted over 500 unique competencies, we ensure detailing of competencies which in turn would build correct learning solutions, thus achieving the business and the individual’s needs
  • Assessment/ development centres in conjunction with the above to build careers and a strong talent pool
  • Driving team management and organization effectiveness
  • Quality conformance - ISO, Master Black Belt (Green & Black Belt completed) - Not just limited to building a quality culture but also ensuring all learning solutions are measurable and have a business impact.

Our Specialization

Sales & Marketing

  • All aspects of sales training
  • D.I.S.C.
  • Sales Communication

LEVER 1 – Energy & Enthusiasm

LEVER 2 – Connecting With People

LEVER 3 – Staying Attentive and Driving Learning & OJT

LEVER 4 – Managing difficult customers

LEVER 5 – Negotiation Tools

Sales Call – Extensive practice & recording to drive “on the floor” effectiveness

  • Principles of sales excellence
  • Planning and analyzing
  • Understanding personality and customer types
  • Portfolio or range selling
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Presentation skills
  • Probing and negotiation
  • Creativity and innovation in sales & marketing
  • Business to business
  • Driving insights through analysis
  • Coaching on Sales Skills
  • Listening & Questioning
  • Feedback and Report Writing
  • Sales Coach on “On the job” Sales Coaching
  • Running Coaching Practices

Certification to conduct workshops

facilitation & Communication

  • All aspects of training delivery
  • Kolb’s Learning Style
  • Sales Communication

LEVER 1 – Energy & Ethusiasm

LEVER 2 – Connecting With People

LEVER 3 – Staying Attentive and Driving Learning & OJT

LEVER 4 – Time Management

LEVER 5 – Training Tools


Extensive practice & recording to drive “on the floor” effectiveness

  • Principles of writing
  • Grammar in writing
  • Email etiquette and principles
  • Presentations
  • Flow and layout
  • Understanding the client and the audience
  • Smart art and tools
  • Content creation
  • Report and workbook design
  • Creation and design: Templates
  • Policies, assessments and all other SOP related design
  • Coaching Skills
  • Listening & Questioning
  • Feedback
  • G.R.O.W. Model
  • Running Coaching Practices

Certification on Level 1 and 2 to be able to conduct facilitation TTTs

Leadership Team

  • Personality types and it’s impact on Leadership
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Leadership Styles
  • Goleman’s Leadership Styles
  • Adair’s Team, Task, and Individual
  • Diversity and Culture
  • Team Building Blocks – Kazenbach
  • Types of Teams
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Dysfunctions of a Team  – Lencioni
  • Goal Setting
  • S.M.A.R.T.
  • Delegation Cycle – FIRO
  • Vroom’s Decision Making Model
  • Creative Reviews
  • Basics in Coaching
  • Coaching Skills
  • Listening & Questioning
  • Feedback
  • G.R.O.W. Model
  • Running Coaching Practices
  • Change Management
  • Emotional Quotient
  • 9 Influential Tactics
  • Engagement and Storytelling
  • Conflict and Chaos Resolution
  • NLP Basics
  • Out of the Box – No More Boxes
  • Design Thinking

Assessment Tool Overview | Sample

Modes of Learning

In addition to the classroom sessions, Gakushu also provides two other unique ways of learning modes

  • Outdoor Experiential Solutions
  • App Based Online Learning

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